1b: Course Design

This course is organized into modules which are listed in bold. You are currently in the module titled 1: About This Course. Each module is broken up into assignment pages that are listed below the module title. This assignment page is titled '1b: Course Design'. Assignment pages are text-based, but will also contain graphics, videos, attached files and hyperlinks. Make sure to read all the content on a page and the relevant attachments. Assignment pages have both a title and an alphanumeric code that refers to the module it belongs to as well as the general sequence in which the content flows. For example, we are in module 1 and the '1b' that is part of the title of this assignment page means we recommend reading it after the assignment page titled '1a: Welcome'.

All of the modules and assignment pages are listed in your navigation bar which appears on the left side of the screen. The assignment page you are working on is highlighted. You can go backwards or forwards to any assignment page by clicking it on the navigation bar.

Under the title of the course at the top of the navigation bar, you can view the percentage of the course that you have completed.

You will notice that some of the assignment pages have a number representing minutes and seconds in parentheses. This occurs for pages that include videos and indicates how long the videos take to watch.

Assignment Activities

Some assignment pages include a response activity designed to give you a chance to reflect upon your own instruction. Use the Response Notebook document to digitally capture your written responses as you complete the modules. Save this document as an electronic file or printed handout that you can share with peers and or administrators as needed.

Some assignment pages include other types of activities in addition to the response activity. You may be asked to download a specific activity template that you can use to complete the activity. There are also reference documents that you can download. We recommend that you download and/or print activities and reference tools while taking the course so that you will have them for future reference after you no longer have access to the course.


Most modules will also include a quiz as one of the assignment pages. These quizzes are not graded; they are there to assist you in your personal mastery of the course information. After you respond to a quiz question, you will have an opportunity to see if you answered the question correctly. Certificates can be acquired at the end for the purposes of obtaining credit.

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